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Textile will be published three times a year in March, July and November. The first issue will be published in March 2003. Cloth accesses an astonishingly broad range of human experiences. It is the raw material from which things are made, and has various associations: sensual, somatic, decorative, functional and ritual. Yet although textiles are part of our everyday lives, their very familiarity and accessibility belie a complex set of histories, and invite a range of speculations about their personal, social and cultural meanings. It is this ability to move within and reference multiple sites that gives textiles their potency. This exciting new journal brings together research in textiles in an innovative and distinctive academic forum, and will be of interest to all those who share a multifaceted view of textiles within an expanded field. Representing a dynamic and wide-ranging set of critical practices, it provides a platform for points of departure between art and craft; gender and identity; cloth, body and architecture; labour and technology; techno-design and practice - all situated within the broader contexts of material and visual culture. Textile invites submissions informed by technology and visual media, history and cultural theory; anthropology; philosophy; political economy and psychoanalysis. It will draw on a range of artistic practices, studio and digital work, manufacture and object production. [1]

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Performing Reparative Craft: Oreet Ashery’s Passing through Metal

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Textile : Journal of Cloth and Culture , 2024 , pp 1-15.


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