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Co-owned by the Institute of Physics and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, New Journal of Physics (NJP) is a peer-reviewed, all-electronic journal publishing original research in all areas of physics. The journal's Editors and staff are committed to building NJP into the leading scientific journal in its field by publishing articles of outstanding scientific quality that merit the attention and interest of all physicists. NJP is available without charge to readers around the world via the Internet. NJP is funded by article charges from authors of published papers. [1]

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Hall conductance of a non-Hermitian Weyl semimetal

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New Journal of Physics (NJP) , 2024


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Classical-Quantum Dual Encoding for Laser Communications in Space

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New Journal of Physics (NJP) , 2024


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Synergy and redundancy in the Granger causal analysis of dynamical networks

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New Journal of Physics (NJP)
2014 - VOLUME 16, ISSUE 10 p 105003.
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Daniele Marinazzo

2020 - VOLUME 2020, ISSUE 11

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