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Journal Life Sciences in Space Research

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Life Sciences in Space Research publishes high quality original research and review articles in areas previously covered by the Life Sciences section of COSPAR's other society journal Advances in Space Research. Life Sciences in Space Research features an editorial team of top scientists in the space radiation field and guarantees a fast turnaround time from submission to editorial decision. Manuscripts in the following areas are being considered: Astrobiology; Prebiotic chemistry and origin of life; Life in extreme environments; Habitability in the solar system and beyond; Ecological life support and sustainability; Functionality, monitoring and control of ecosystem in space environment; Animal models in space research; Effects of space flight conditions on human bodies; Non-cancer health effects of space radiation, space flight; Space radiation risk assessment and countermeasures; Space radiation dosimetry- measurements, modeling and detector development; Gravitational effects in biological systems; Effects of space radiation in living organisms at the cellular and molecular levels. [1]

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