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Journal Journal of Business-To-Business Marketing

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In an effort to further the science, art, and practice of business-to-business marketing, this journal publishes quality research that reflects the state of practice and scholarship throughout the world. The journal encourages diversity in approaches to business marketing theory development, research methods, and managerial problem solving. An editorial board comprised of outstanding, internationally recognized scholars and practitioners ensures that the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing maintains impeccable standards of scholarship and relevance. The domain of business-to-business marketing encompasses all transactions and associated phenomena except those involving the final direct sale to the consumer. The journal publishes articles that address any topic within this broad definition. Academics and industry professionals are invited to submit manuscripts to the journal that can contribute to the science and practice of business marketing. The Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing features: articles from leading researchers addressing topics of mutual interest for the business and academic communities, an executive summary and abstract accompanying each article, high-quality research that reflects the current state of theory and practice, a section of commentaries from the business world, provided by leading business thinkers, a book review section, which includes reviews of books of pertinent and direct interest to academics and professionals in business-to-business marketing. Some of the main topical areas covered by the journal are business buying behavior, the business seller-buyer dyad, business buyer relationship management, fostering ethical business marketing practices, segmentation, business marketing strategy and traditional business marketing mix areas including but not limited to: industrial products/business services, developing innovations, business brands, packaging, pricing (negotiations, bidding), industrial distribution-logistics and supply chain management, promotion (personal selling and sales management, trade shows, direct marketing methods, sales promotions, and advertising), as well as Internet practices and their impact on all areas of business marketing. [1]

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Aligning Governance Mechanisms with Organization Forms in Multichannel Marketing

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Journal of Business-To-Business Marketing , 2024 , pp 1-16.


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