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The aims and scope of The Aeronautical Journal are intended to reflect the objectives of the Royal Aeronautical Society as expressed in its Charter of Incorporation. Briefly, these are to encourage and foster the advancement of all aspects of aeronautical and space science. Thus the topics of The Aeronautical Journal include most of those covered by the various Specialist Groups of the Society, which include: Aircraft design, aerodynamics, air law, air power, air transport, air navigation, airworthiness and maintenance, aviation medicine, avionics and systems, environmental issues, flight operations, flight simulation, fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics, general aviation, guided flight, human factors, human powered flight, light aviation, management studies, propulsion, rotorcraft, safety, space, structures and materials, structural mechanics, systems and test procedures and UAVs. Papers are therefore solicited on all aspects of research, design and development, construction and operation of aircraft and space vehicles. Papers are also welcomed which review, comprehensively, the results of recent research developments in any of the above topics. We recognise the inhibiting pressures of time and confidentiality and acknowledge that many of the design testing, manufacturing and operational problems that industry has to solve contain important information for the whole aerospace community. The Aeronautical Journal provides a platform for refereeing and presenting your work to an international audience. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1949  -  1983  ) Aeronautical Quarterly (  1897  -  9999  ) Aeronautical Journal
(  1867  -  1893  ) Annual Report of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain (  1897  -  9999  ) Aeronautical Journal
(  1919  -  1920  ) Transactions of the Royal Aeronautical Society (  1897  -  9999  ) Aeronautical Journal
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On the secondary stall of a wing in tandem configuration

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Aeronautical Journal , 2024 , pp 1-14.


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