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The Pacific Review provides a major platform for the study of the Pacific Basin. It is an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas on this increasingly important region, published with the intention of promoting understanding. The specific aims and objectives of the journal are: to break down barriers between areas of study and between the worlds of academia, journalism, government and business to focus on issues of policy and act as a forum for the exchange of ideas from different fields of expertise to be global in perspective and not narrowly concerned with the interests of a specific country or political system Contributors include specialists in domestic and foreign politics, economics, businessand industrial issues, military strategy and cultural issues. Indeed in the Pacific Review you will find the disciplines talking to one another! The accessible nature of the Pacific Review and a focus on current policy issues make it a valuable source on information for the business community and government agencies in addition to academics. [1]

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Pacific Review , 2024 , p 1.


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Foreign policy consequences of democratic backsliding: the case of the Comfort Women Agreement in 2015

No authors listed.

Pacific Review , 2024 , pp 1-25.


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Why Russia has botched diplomacy with Japan: comparisons of 2013–23 and the late 1980s

No authors listed.

Pacific Review , 2024 , pp 1-27.


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CICA and China’s soft balancing act towards the US

No authors listed.

Pacific Review , 2024 , pp 1-28.


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The South China Sea fishing crisis: the overlooked role of Chinese subnational governments

No authors listed.

Pacific Review , 2024 , pp 1-30.


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