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Global Health Action is an international peer-reviewed Open Access journal based at the Department of Epidemiology and Global Health at Umeå University in Sweden. Our vision is to be a leading journal in the global health field, narrowing health information gaps and contributing to the implementation of policies and actions that lead to improved global health. Aim: The widening gap between the winners and losers of globalisation presents major public health challenges. To meet these challenges, it is crucial to generate new knowledge and evidence in the field and in settings where the evidence is lacking, as well as to bridge the gaps between existing knowledge and implementation of relevant findings. Thus, the aim of Global Health Action is to contribute to fuelling a more concrete, hands-on approach to addressing global health challenges. Manuscripts suggesting strategies for practical interventions and research implementations where none already exist are specifically welcomed. Further, the journal encourages articles from low- and middle-income countries, while also welcoming articles originated from South-South and South-North collaborations. All articles are expected to address a global agenda and include a strong implementation or policy component. Articles reporting research involving primary data collection will normally include researchers and institutions from the countries concerned as authors, and include in-country ethical approval. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1
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A 'training of trainers' programme for operational research: increasing capacity remotely.

A Willemsen , E Wolka , Y Assefa , S Reid

Global Health Action , 2024 - VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1 , p 2297881.


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Electronic health record and primary care physician self-reported quality of care: a multilevel study in China.

W Wang , M Li , K Loban , ... , R Mitchel

Global Health Action , 2024 - VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1 , p 2301195.


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The Kenyan assistive technology ecosystem: a network analysis.

EM Smith , S Huff , R Bukania , ... , M MacLachlan

Global Health Action , 2024 - VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1 , p 2302208.


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Global Health Action
2016 - VOLUME 9, ISSUE 1

p 30899.
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