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Journal Immunotherapy

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The field of immunotherapy is moving forward at an unprecedented rate, and a range of therapeutic approaches are now used in clinical practice, often with outstanding success. Cancer immunotherapies are coming of age and have the potential to produce long-lasting remission, often with fewer side effects and reduced drug resistance compared with conventional therapies. Recently the FDA has approved immunotherapies for melanoma and lung cancer, and clinical trials are yielding positive results fora range of cancer types, reflecting the promising new role for immunotherapy in cancer treatment. Immunotherapies are also being applied in a variety of other disease areas, including allergy, rheumatoid disease, autoimmunity and transplantation, as well as in many infections, such as HIV and hepatitis. Many aspects of the immune system and mechanisms of immunomodulatory therapies remain to be elucidated in order to exploit fully the emerging opportunities. Those involved in the research and clinical applications of immunotherapy are challenged by the huge and intricate volumes of knowledge arising from this fast-evolving field. The journal Immunotherapy offers the scientific community an interdisciplinary forum, providing them with information on the most recent advances of various aspects of immunotherapies, in a concise format to aid navigation of this complex field. Articles published in Immunotherapy include key areas such as: Cancer immunotherapy, including checkpoint blockade, cancer vaccines, adoptive T cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies and cytokines; Combined chemo/radio immunotherapy in cancer treatment; Biomarkers for personalized cancer immunotherapy; Allergen immunotherapy, including sublingual, subcutaneous and oral immunotherapy; Restorative immunotherapy for HIV and other immunocompromised patients; Suppressive immunotherapy for autoimmunity diseases and transplantation; Basic science of immunotherapeutic approaches; Drug–immune system interactions; Drug delivery systems, drug combinations and drug–drug interactions; Summaries evaluating newly approved immunotherapeutic agents; Newly identified immune targets of drugs; Results of recent findings and clinical trials relevant to the field of immunotherapy; Post marketing research, including adverse events, drug safety, pharmacoeconomics, cost–benefit issues, real-world evidence and outcomes research. [1]

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