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Journal International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations (IJNVO)

Aim & Scope

In today's Information Age, where technology and the digital era extend to all areas of organisational processes and functions, the role of virtual organisations and networking is increasing in both importance and significance. Therefore, IJNVO strives to present scholarly insights, leading research and theoretical advances and groundbreaking developments within the purview of networking and virtual organisations throughout the world, thereby providing readers with the latest knowledge and best practices pertaining to superior strategies and operations in a networked environment. Topics covered include: Network forms of organisations including inter-/intra-organisational networks; Formal/informal networks incl. inter-personal networks; Community, social, communication networks; Networks in collaboration/competition; Networks in science, technology studies; Networks between industry/academia; Networks in learning across institutional/disciplinary/geographical boundaries; Global/local innovation networks, regional collaborative clusters, inter-firm networks; Virtual networks, network theory applied to virtual organisations; Organisations with changing/unclear boundaries; Decentralised/more centrally coordinated networks and virtual organisations; Management of dispersed project teams; Network analysis methodology, incl. social network analysis, graph theory; Virtual organisation/media use in developing countries; Enterprise integration. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 30, ISSUE 4
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