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Journal Cultural Survival Quarterly

Aim & Scope

The magazine focuses on indigenous peoples—their culture and the issues they face in surviving as a distinct culture. The magazine is produced for a general audience, educated and sympathetic to indigenous peoples, but not expert in the issues and not interested in reading about technical or legal minutiae. The language should be conversational, without jargon. We do not want academic writing or diatribes, but articles that your mother could read and enjoy. We also do not want the written equivalent of ethnotourism; articles need to be knowledgeable and respectful of indigenous culture. We don’t want things superficial or sugar coated. We want real people and real issues. Whatever your subject, we want it told as a story wherever possible, and it should revolve around a particular person, family, or community. The focus should be on the indigenous people, and the story told from their point of view as much as possible—what they want, how they see things, who they are. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1976  -  1981  ) Newsletter - Cultural Survival (  1981  -  9999  ) Cultural Survival Quarterly