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Journal Combustion and Flame

Aim & Scope

The journal exists for the publication of experimental and theoretical investigations of combustion phenomena and closely allied matters. Among the subjects emphasized are: *Atmospheric pollution from combustion *Combustion in practical systems *Deflagration and detonation waves *Electrical aspects of flames *Experimental techniques *Fire phenomena *Flame inhibition, stability and structure *Fluid dynamics and combustion *Heat transfer and radiation *Heterogeneous combustion *Kinetics and mechanisms of combustion reactions *Limits of flammability and of spontaneous ignition *Materials synthesis in flames *Microgravity combustion *Modeling and scaling in combustion processes *New applications of combustion *Numerical simulation of combustion *Propellants *Soot formation *Spectra *Supersonic reacting flow *Thermal decomposition processes *Thermochemistry and thermodynamic *Transport properties *Turbulent flames The Editors also encourage the submission of critical reviews of recent research.Announcements and reports of the Combustion Institute and other pertinent meetings, books in print, and book reviews will also be published. [1]

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