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Journal Innovation and Development

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Economic development and growth depend as much on social innovations as on technological advances. However, the discourse has often been confined to technological innovations in the industrial sector, with insufficient attention being paid to institutional and organisational change and to the informal sector which in some countries in the South plays a significant role. Innovation and Development is an interdisciplinary journal that adopts a broad approach to the study of innovation, in all sectors of the economy and sections of society, furthering understanding of the multidimensional process of innovation and development. It provides a forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to innovation, development and their interaction, both in the developed and developing world, with the aim of encouraging sustainable and inclusive growth. The journal encourages articles that approach the problem broadly in line with innovation system perspective focusing on the evolutionary and institutional structure of innovation and development. This focus cuts across the disciplines of Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Science and Technology Policy, Geography and Development Practice. In a section entitled Innovation in Practice, the journal includes short reports on innovative experiments with proven development impact with a view to encouraging scholars to undertake systematic inquiries on such experiments. Brief abstracts of degree awarded PhD theses in the broad area of concern for the journal and brief notes which highlight innovative ways of using internet resources and new databases or software are also published. [1]

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