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Aim & Scope

The Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions is designed to help social work practitioners stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of addictions. This new journal publishes refereed articles on innovative individual, family, group work, and community practice models for treating and preventing substance abuse and other addictions in diverse populations. The journal also publishes articles that focus on research findings, health care, social policies, and program administration directly affecting social work practice in the addictions. The journal's scope includes but is not limited to: individual, family, and group work practices with men, women, children and adolescents affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, or other addictive behaviors such as gambling, sexual disorders, and eating disorders; practice with special populations including culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender clients, the elderly, and the very young; individual, family, and group work practice with families and significant others of addicted individuals, including young children; practice with individuals with co-existing psychological, physical, and mental disabilities and with their families; effective prevention models for diverse populations; applications of research findings and theoretical models to clinical practice in the addictions; professional social work practice issues such as licensing requirements and social work education and training in the addictions; factors affecting the practice of social workers in the addictions at the organizational and community levels, including supervision and clinical administration of addiction services; the impact of health care and social policies on the provision of addictions services by social workers; international social work practice with addicted populations. [1]

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