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Journal Fusion Engineering and Design

Aim & Scope

The journal accepts papers about experiments (both plasma and technology), theory, models, methods, and designs in areas relating to technology, engineering, and applied science aspects of magnetic and inertial fusion energy. Specific areas of interest include: MFE and IFE design studies for experiments and reactors; fusion nuclear technologies and materials, including blankets and shields; analysis of reactor plasmas; plasma heating, fuelling, and vacuum systems; drivers, targets, and special technologies for IFE, controls and diagnostics; fuel cycle analysis and tritium reprocessing and handling; operations and remote maintenance of reactors; safety, decommissioning, and waste management; economic and environmental analysis of components and systems. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1984  -  1987  ) Nuclear Engineering and Design - Fusion (  1987  -  9999  ) Fusion Engineering and Design