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Journal Society and Business Review (SBR)

Aim & Scope

The Society and Business Review aims to cultivate and share knowledge and ideas in order to assist businesses and organizations to enhance their commitment to society. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to stimulate substantive debates, SBR produces rich stream of conceptual and applied research focused on practical developments in the field of business and society. The journal particularly encourages attention to the impact of changing business/corporate social concerns and practices on people, the sustainability of different economic activities, the impact of corporations and business education on society, and how societal issues come to shape business activities. Issues covered by SBR include, but are not limited to: Global social responsibility & Corporate social performance; Corporatization of politics & politicization of corporations; Business ethics & organizational values; Geo-politics of business; Business schools & Society; Societal changes & Social movements; International dimensions of business and society relationships; Business strategies & ecological prosperity; Environmental impact of corporations. [1]

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