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Journal Middle Eastern Literatures

Aim & Scope

Middle Eastern Literatures, was launched in 1998 by former editorial board members of Journal of Arabic Literature. After considering the current state of research in the field, the Editors have decided a new forum for publication and discussion is required. Middle Eastern Literatures vigorously promotes the academic study of all Middle Eastern literatures. Work on literature composed in, for example, Persian, Turkish, post-Biblical and Modern Hebrew, Berber, Kurdish or Urdu language is welcomed. Regional literatures of the area, such as the Arabic, French and Berber literature from North Africa, will also fall within the scope of the new journal. Middle Eastern Literatures addresses questions of study and interpretation of the literatures of the pre-Modern and Modern Middle East. It encourages contributions devoted to either one or several of the regional literatures and studies of a cross- or multi-linguistic nature will be of particular interest. From time to time, the journal will publish Special Issues focusing on a particular aspect of the literatures of the Middle East. It will also provide regular bibliographies of books and articles and will maintain a comprehensive book review section. The Editors of Middle Eastern Literatures wish to promote interest in these literatures by encouraging the publication of translations. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1998  -  2001  ) Arabic and Middle Eastern Literatures (  2002  -  9999  ) Middle Eastern Literatures
(  2001  -  2003  ) Edebiyat : Journal of Middle Eastern Literatures (  2002  -  9999  ) Middle Eastern Literatures
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