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Journal International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics

Aim & Scope

International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics is a peer-reviewed open access journal on fundamental and applied research in combustion and spray dynamics. Fundamental topics include advances in understanding unsteady combustion, combustion instability and noise, flame-acoustic interaction and its active and passive control, duct acoustics, blow out and flash back, deflagration and detonations, droplet and spray dynamics and combustion, atomisation, droplet and spray-acoustic interactions. Applied topics include all aspects of combustion instabilities in solid and liquid rocket motors and gas turbine combustors, combustion noise, pulse detonation engines, active control of combustion instabilities and active control of sprays. As well as original contributions, state of the art reviews and surveys will be published. Subtopics include, among others, experimental diagnostics of combustion dynamics, computational combustion including RANS and LES for the study of combustion dynamics, unsteady fluid mechanics, mixing, system identification and low order modelling of dynamic phenomena, role of coherent structures in combustion dynamics, flame response measurements and calculation, non-normality and nonlinearity in flame acoustic interaction, analytical acoustics, liquid sheet break-up and stability, active control of sprays, experimental diagnostics of sprays, modelling of spray break-up phenomena, two phase flow modelling and spray and droplet combustion. [1]

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