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Journal Gulf and Caribbean Research

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Gulf and Caribbean Research is published online by The University of Southern Mississippi and co-sponsored by the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. The journal publishes manuscripts presenting original research findings, reviews, and techniques pertinent to Marine and Coastal Sciences. The subjects considered appropriate for publication in the journal include any aspect of research on or management of physical, chemical, geological, or biological systems from the land interface to the open ocean. Areas included are open oceans, coastal zones, estuaries, lagoons, wetlands, tidal rivers, and watersheds that influence estuarine, coastal, and open waters. The journal considers manuscripts which deal mainly with research or research issues pertinent to the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Examples of topics considered appropriate to the journal include, but are not limited to: Marine, estuarine, and tidal freshwater population and community ecology studies; Oceanography and biogeochemistry; Biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development; Climate change and urban ecology; Ecotoxicology; Ecophysiology, behavioral biology; Coastal zone, environmental, and natural resource management and sustainable use including fisheries and coral reefs; Disaster management, mitigation and adaptation; Taxonomy and systematics; Species distributions and range extensions; Wetland and plankton ecology; Invasive and threatened species; Water quality and eutrophication; Habitat restoration. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 35
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Nekton Community Responses to Living Shoreline Restorations in Alabama

S Kuck , C Grant , M de Barros , ... , R Baker

Gulf and Caribbean Research , 2024 - VOLUME 35 , pp SC1-SC6.


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Michael Anthony Poirrier

No authors listed.

Gulf and Caribbean Research , 2024 - VOLUME 35 , pp 1-4.


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