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Journal Communicative and Integrative Biology

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Entering the new millennium - equipped with all sorts of -omics data growing at an incredible speed—the biological sciences are slowly moving from a reductionistic to a holistic view of biological complexity. One such example is the complex organismal behavior based on signaling and communication processes. The extreme intricacy of these processes requires integrated systemic approaches. This new journal, Communicative & Integrative Biology, will serve as a platform for the synthesis of the biological sciences. The focus will be organismal communication, however, Communicative & Integrative Biology will deal with communication at all levels of biological organization from subcellular organelles to societies, ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole. In particular, "Sensory Ecology" represents a new rapidly emerging field which combines animal and plant communication and signaling (biosemiotics) with cognition, evolution, ecology and behavioral ecology, as well as biophysics and neuroethology. Complex behavior is based on integrated sensory systems. These provide all organisms with positive and negative experiences and memories, culminating in an active cognition that is optimized for adaptation to and survival in an ever-changing environment, challenged by diverse abiotic and biotic stimuli. Surprisingly, this paradigm, created through studies on animals, is now emerging as valid also for plants and microorganisms. In addition, continuous communication and integrated signaling underlies stress adaptation, pathogenesis, parasitism, immunity, symbiosis, mutualism and other interorganismal interactions. All of which will be the focus of Communicative & Integrative Biology. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1
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Oscillators and servomechanisms in navigation and orientation

K Cheng

Communicative and Integrative Biology , 2024 - VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1 , p 2293268.


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Evolution of laughter from play

JA Grant-Jacob

Communicative and Integrative Biology , 2024 - VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1 , p 2338073.


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