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Journal Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Part K : Journal of Multi-body Dynamics

Aim & Scope

The Journal of Multi-body Dynamics is an international multi-disciplinary forum publishing peer reviewed research covering all aspects of system dynamics, comprising an assembly of parts or a cluster of material points. This constitutes the physics of motion, covering interactions of all material points from scale of minutiae such as small particles to the very large bodies. The emphasis in the Journal is put upon the analysis of mechanical multi-body systems, but not exclusively. In the case of mechanical systems, all forms of vehicles, machines and mechanisms constitute an assembly of parts that affect the dynamic behaviour of the system as a whole. The multi-physics nature of dynamic analysis often includes interactions of various phenomena, such as large rigid body motions, flexible body oscillations, friction induced stick-slip perturbations, fluid-structure interactions and lubricated contact dynamics. These interactions are described by various force laws, some well understood, but others particularly in the very small physical scale are subject to ongoing research. All contributions, applied or at the frontiers of science of interacting matter are welcome. The contributions to the Journal should reflect a fundamental approach to the analysis of dynamic systems. Those related to practical engineering multi-body dynamic problems should have a holistic system dynamics approach. Those on design, analysis and experimentation should highlight the interactions between various system components. New techniques of analysis are welcome, as well as practical applications of problem solving methods to industrial systems and products. There have been a wide variety of published papers in the Journal, dealing with dynamics from nano- and micro-scales to those extending to astronomical distances, from Newtonian mechanics to special and general relativity. Within this broad spectrum there has been a large volume of work in the application of dynamics analysis to mechanical multi-body systems. Typical topics covered include: Fundamentals of dynamics analysis, from Newtonian mechanics to Lagrangian dynamics and onto relativistic mechanics, as well as many-body systems; Kinetic interactions from Newtonian perspective to the minutiae; in micro and nano-scales; Dynamics of vehicles in all forms from automobiles to spacecrafts; Bearings, rotors and powertrain systems; Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH); Elastodynamics of all forms of structures and mechanisms; Kinematics, dynamics and synthesis of all kinds of machines and mechanisms; Tribodynamics of all types of bearings, transmission systems and powertrains. [1]

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