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Journal Design Studies

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Design Studies provides a unique forum for the discussion and development of the theoretical aspects of design, including its methodology and values. It is the only journal to approach an understanding of design from comparisons of its applications in all areas, including engineering, architecture, planning and industrial design. As the concept of design becomes increasingly important, it is vital for researchers, educators and practising designers to stay abreast of the latest research and new ideas in this rapidly growing field; with its truly interdisciplinary coverage, Design Studies meets these needs with maximum effect. The journal reports on new developments, techniques, knowledge and applications in the practice of design, as well as design education: how design techniques may be taught, the approach to ill-defined problems and the impact of new technologies. Coverage includes design management, design methods, participation in planning and design, design education, AI and computer aids in design, design in engineering, theoretical aspects of design, design in architecture, design and manufacturing, innovation in industry and design and society. Design Studies is published in co-operation with the Design Research Society. For more information about the society, visit their web site at [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 91-92
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A technical democracy design experiment: Making the UK exam algorithm controversy game

T Swist , K Gulson , C Benn , ... , V Zhang

Design Studies , 2024 - VOLUME 91-92 , p 101245.


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Design capability when visioning for transitions: A case study of a new food system

H Goss , N Tromp , H Schifferstein

Design Studies , 2024 - VOLUME 91-92 , p 101246.


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Functional activity and connectivity during ideation in professional product design engineers

G Campbell , L Hay , S Gilbert , ... , M Grealy

Design Studies , 2024 - VOLUME 91-92 , p 101247.


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Charles Peirce's new esthetics: Good design

J Liszka

Design Studies , 2024 - VOLUME 91-92 , p 101249.


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Beyond boundaries: Charting the future of Design Studies

C Wrigley

Design Studies , 2024 - VOLUME 91-92 , p 101251.


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