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Journal Dyslexia

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Dyslexia provides reviews and reports of research assessment and intervention practice. In many fields of enquiry theoretical advances often occur in response to practical needs; and a central aim of the journal is to bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of dyslexia so that each can learn from the other. Interesting developments both theoretical and practical are being reported in many different countries: Dyslexia is a forum in which a knowledge of these developments can be shared by readers in all parts of the world. The scope of the journal includes relevant aspects of Cognitive Educational Developmental and Clinical Psychology Child and Adult Special Education and Remedial Education Therapy and Counselling Neuroscience Psychiatry and General Medicine [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 30, ISSUE 3
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Dyslexia , 2024 - VOLUME 30, ISSUE 3


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2022 - VOLUME 2022, ISSUE 4

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