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Journal Journal for Cultural Research

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Journal for Cultural Research, formerly Cultural Values, is an international journal, based in Lancaster University's Institute for Cultural Research. It is interested in essays concerned with the conjuncture between culture and the many domains and practices in relation to which it is usually defined, including, for example, media, politics, technology, economics, society, art and the sacred. Culture is no longer, if it ever was, singular. It denotes a shifting multiplicity of signifying practices and value systems that provide a potentially infinite resource of academic critique, investigation and ethnographic or market research into cultural difference, cultural autonomy, cultural emancipation and the cultural aspects of power. As such, culture has itself become, in many areas, a primary instrument of government and thus the desire not to be governed is impelled to think culture differently from the accepted forms of cultural identity and recognition. In the academy, research has become a defining feature of the cultural just as the cultural has become indistinguishable from questions concerning the governable. The journal publishes original essays by established and emerging writers around the globe who are developing the future of cultural theory and research in the 21st century. We encourage writing that explores every aspect of cultural experience, experiences that occur in the correlation between fields of knowledge, types of normativity, and forms of subjectivity in different domains and locations around the world. [1]

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(  1997  -  2002  ) Cultural Values (  2003  -  9999  ) Journal for Cultural Research
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The Nietzschean dimension of Chinese traditional Aesthetics*

A Castelli

Journal for Cultural Research , 2024 , pp 1-14.


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Reproduction of subjectivity: neoliberalism and friendship

M Demirtaş

Journal for Cultural Research , 2024 , pp 1-14.


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On 80stalgia: discernments from contemporary Greece

P Zestanakis

Journal for Cultural Research , 2024 , pp 1-18.


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