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Journal Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies (IFSET)

Aim & Scope

Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies aims to provide the highest quality original contributions on new developments in food science and emerging technologies. The journal will publish scientific articles dealing with shelf-life, engineering, scale-up, nutrition, safety, economics, and energy saving and environmental aspects of promising food processing technologies. Each article will make a clear contribution to further the understanding of a given science and technology area, and help clarify, when possible, whether or not it could be fully adopted by the food industry. Articles addressing the novel combination of more than one technology are within the scope of the journal, as are articles dealing with innovation and advances in all branches of food science, including food biotechnology, nutraceuticals and sensory studies. Topics to be covered include: Structure/functionality relationships; interaction between nutrition and processing; kinetics and mechanisms of inactivation of micro-organisms in food; minimal processing; high pressure processing; pulsed electric fields; microwave and radiofrequency heating; ultrasonics; non-thermal processing; sub-zero temperature processing; protein utilisation; food safety and food quality assurance; immunological properties; physicochemical properties; nutritional properties. [1]

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