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Molecular Breeding is an international journal focused on applications of plant molecular biology: research most likely leading to practical applications with demonstrable benefits for farmers, the seed and processing industries, the environment and the consumer in both the industrialized and the developing world. Papers chosen for publication contribute to the understanding and progress of modern plant breeding, encompassing the scientific disciplines of molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, pathology, plant breeding and ecology, among others. Topics include contemporary methods of molecular genetics and genomic analysis, structural and functional genomics in crops, proteomics and metabolic profiling, abiotic stress and field evaluation of transgenic crops containing particular traits. The journal also publishes short communications, papers describing novel methods and review papers. All submissions are subject to peer review, ensuring the highest scientific standards. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 44, ISSUE 3
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Loss of function of OsL1 gene cause early flowering in rice under short-day conditions

L Li , M Qiu , S Song , ... , L Li

Molecular Breeding , 2024 - VOLUME 44, ISSUE 3 , p 17.


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