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The approach of this journal, new in 2000, is to overcome the fragmentation of the various disciplines in safeguarding and exploiting cultural heritage, with respect for the specific scientific language of each. The aim of the journal is to publish high quality, strictly scientific papers in English on the following subjects:Science and technology can make a strong contribution to the safeguarding and exploitation of the most important and complex human cultural heritage. There are many distinguished journals, on a national or international basis, devoted to these subjects: however, the approach of this new journal should be to overcome the fragmentation of the various disciplines in safeguarding and exploiting cultural heritage, with the strictest respect for the specific scientific language of each. It is worth observing that in this field, any research activity has to take into account the contribution of scientists from many different branches of the sciences. Consequently, a major aim is to ensure that these approaches contribute to the final purpose of any research activity, i.e., the safeguard and exploitation of our Cultural Heritage. This approach has been successfully experimented for many years by the Italian Special Project on Cultural Heritage of the National Research Council. The aim of the Journal is to publish, in each issue: High quality papers on the subjects listed: no general information, but strictly scientific papers A paper which focuses on a specific new methodology in Cultural Heritage conservation or exploitation An accurate list of meetings, conferences, etc. on an international basis Latest news concerning enterprises active in the related fields New concerning public administration bodies (national, regional, local authorities) with responsibility for the safeguard of Cultural Heritage An accurate list of the many activities proposed by international authorities like the European Union, Eureka, Unesco, etc. The Journal will be published, in English, four times per year; each issue will be approximately one hundred pages (format cm 21 x 27) with colour and b/w figures. List of Subjects: 1. - Ancient Resources: Knowledge and Dating 1.1 - Survey of territory and Artefacts 1.2 - Geophysical and Mechanical Surveying 1.3 - Geographical Information Systems 1.4 - Chronological Dating 2. - Analysis, Diagnosis of the State of Conservation and Restoration 2.1 - New Methodologies for the Physical-Chemical Characterisation of Artefacts 2.2 - New diagnostic methodologies for the State of Conservation of Movable and Unmovable Artefacts 2.3 - New Treatment Methodologies for the Restoration and Protection of Movable and Unmovable Artefacts 2.4 - Studies on Diagnostics, Restoration and Conservation of Paper Heritage 3. - Biological and Ethno-Anthropological Archives 3.1 - Analysis and Preservation of Biological Diversity: Botanical, Zoological and Anthropological Archives 3.2 - New methodologies in Studies on Ethno-Anthropology 4 - Museums 4.1 - Museums: Cultural Projects and Management models 4.2 - Cataloguing, Restoration and Conservation of Scientific Cultural Heritage 5 - Economy and Sociology in Cultural Heritage 6 - Information Technology in Cultural Heritage [1]

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