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As the official journal of the World Association for Sexual Health, the International Journal of Sexual Health promotes sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being through a positive approach to sexuality and sexual rights. The journal publishes peer-reviewed scientific papers, editorials, and reviews, using quantitative and qualitative methods, descriptive and critical analysis, instrument development, surveys, and case studies to examine the essential elements of this broad concept. Leading experts from around the world present original work that covers a variety of disciplines, including sexology, biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, and religion. Formerly titled the Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality, the International Journal of Sexual Health is dedicated to the basic understanding that sexual health is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, and infirmity, but also the presence of pleasurable and safe sexual enjoyment and satisfaction, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. The journal examines sexual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, public policies and legislative issues, and a variety of sexual health problems, including the assessment and treatment of sexual dysfunctions and disorders, sexual abuse and violence, and sexually transmitted infections. [1]

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(  1988  -  2006  ) Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality (  2007  -  9999  ) International Journal of Sexual Health
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Sex, Gender and Class: An Analysis of Chilean Young People’s Intimate Life

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International Journal of Sexual Health , 2024 , pp 1-13.


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War-Time Stress and Sexual Well-Being in Israel

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International Journal of Sexual Health , 2024 , pp 1-14.


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