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Journal Biomarker Insights

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Biomarker Insights is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that aims to support those engaged in biomarker research. It provides the rapid communication of the latest advances in the identification of biomarkers, their application towards the discovery of new knowledge and its clinical application. The journal welcomes unsolicited article proposals. All articles are listed on PubMed and are freely available via PubMed Central. The field of biomarkers in disease is a rapidly expanding area of exciting research. Advances in the identification of disease biomarkers, coupled with new technology platforms, offer state-of-the art approaches to improve the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease. Identifying those patients who respond either positively or adversely to innovative-targeted therapy is critical to ensure that drugs are used safely and effectively. Having effective biomarkers can be the difference between success and failure in the drug development pipeline. The journal is addressed to both the scientific and medical communities and aims to accelerate the translation of biomarker research towards its clinical use and patient benefit. This is of especial relevance with the development of personalized medicine. Biomarker Insights invites original research and review articles from across all the health sciences. Such an integrative multidisciplinary approach provides readers with the opportunity obtain up to date information from a wide array of topics in a single journal. Subjects covered include, but are not limited to: Identification of biomarkers (genetic, transcript, protein levels); Biomarker technology platforms; Biomarker development and validation; Biomarker pathway analysis; Integration of biomarkers into mathematical models and algorithms; Diagnostic biomarkers; Predictive biomarkers; Prognostic biomarkers; Protein biomarkers; Therapeutic biomarkers; Metabolomic biomarkers; Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic biomarkers; Biomarkers to monitor response to therapy; Clinical validation of biomarkers; Biomarkers to monitor and predict disease progression and response to therapy; Clinical validation of biomarkers; Integration of biomarkers into clinical practice guidelines and clinical decision support systems; Identification and use of immunotherapeutic biomarkers as therapeutic targets; Biomarkers in stem cell research; MicroRNA biomarkers in cancer; Companion biomarkers; Theranostic biomarkers. [1]

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