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Journal Review of Economics

Aim & Scope

The Review of Economics (Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftswissenschaften) is a peer-reviewed general interest journal and publishes articles from all fields of economics. Only articles with a strong policy focus are considered for publication. The Review of Economics will consider papers that are based on (i) a well defined theoretical model (ii) an empirical analysis or (iii) an experimental or (iv) an evidence-based framework. The Review of Economics is also highly interested in survey articles on important policy issues. Since the Review of Economics intends to deliver a forum for policy contributions and to influence the public debate we guarantee a quick and efficient referee process (the initial publication decision will be made within a maximum of 90 days). The editors may decide to publish papers without a referee process whenever authors send their submissions together with the referee reports and the decision letter of the previous submission and explain how they reacted to the reports. Accepted articles will be pre-published on the internet page of the journal as soon as they are accepted. Because the Review of Economics is not an e-Journal all articles also appear in a regular print version with some delay. [1]

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(  1950  -  1994  ) Jahrbuch für Sozialwissenschaft (  1995  -  9999  ) Review of Economics
2024 - VOLUME 75, ISSUE 1
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Review of Economics , 2024 - VOLUME 75, ISSUE 1 , pp i-iii.


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HWWI Commodity Price Index: A Technical Documentation of the 2023 Revision

M Berlemann , M Eurich , H Meyer

Review of Economics , 2024 - VOLUME 75, ISSUE 1 , pp 1-20.


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Peering Through the Fog of Uncertainty: Out-of-Sample Forecasts of Post-Pandemic Tourism

S Cevik

Review of Economics , 2024 - VOLUME 75, ISSUE 1 , pp 21-41.


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Exports and Firm Survival in Times of COVID-19 – Evidence from Eight European Countries

J Wagner

Review of Economics , 2024 - VOLUME 75, ISSUE 1 , pp 63-70.


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