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Journal Scandinavian Journal of Management

Aim & Scope

The Scandinavian Journal of Management is an international journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of management in private and public organizations through empirical investigation and theoretical analysis. Scandinavian Journal of Management is an exciting and lively journal which reflects the fact that Scandinavian researchers in the fields of management and organizational studies have been a major source of intellectual innovation in recent years. Original, creative, usually subtle and with a profound understanding of organizational practice, Scandinavian research has been increasingly influential in both the rest of Europe and the USA. In addition, many Scandinavian companies have successfully developed strong global positions: among the best known are Volvo, Electrolux, Alfa Lavell, Ericcson, Nokia, Bang and Olufsen. Academics and practitioners will benefit from a closer look at Scandinavia which has been so demonstrably successful in its long term business strategies and management practices. The Scandinavian Journal of Management has a major role to play in bringing more of this work to the attention of a wider audience. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1984  -  1987  ) Scandinavian Journal of Management Studies (  1988  -  9999  ) Scandinavian Journal of Management