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Religion Compass offers the quality and rigour of a scholarly journal, combined with a commitment to examining developing scholarly directions, as well as the speed and functionality of electronic publishing. Commissioned from leading researchers, Religion Compass articles are distinguished from those of traditional journals by combining original research and analysis with a broader expertise and understanding of how that fits—as both contribution and intervention—in the authors’ fields or sub-fields. Because the journal publishes peer-reviewed, state-of-the-field articles on a continual, monthly basis, it is unencumbered by rigid publishing timelines, ensuring that topical and significant research reaches the public effectively and efficiently. Religion Compass adheres to the same quality control procedures as for any Wiley journal, both in terms of editorial and production standards. Religion Compass articles allow established as well as junior scholars and advanced students to: keep up with the newest developments and trends in research; teach in a new or unfamiliar area outside of their research specialty; find high-quality, peer-reviewed online content quickly and accessibly. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 18, ISSUE 5
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Religion Compass , 2024 - VOLUME 18, ISSUE 5


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Materializing the public sphere in American religious history

M Baysa

Religion Compass , 2024 - VOLUME 18, ISSUE 5


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