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Journal Surface Engineering

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Focuses on a range of subject areas including tribological, corrosion resistant, and high temperature coatings, innovative coatings and enhanced surfacing technologies. Embracing science, engineering and technology, it is tuned to the needs of the user and designer of engineering components, reporting the latest developments in processes, techniques and their industrial applications. Subjects covered in recent issues: Composite DLC-metal/metal-carbide coatings produced by unbalanced magnetron sputtering; Surface composites: novel methods to fabricate adherent interfaces; Relationship between microstructure and erosive wear of plasma sprayed Al2O3 coatings; Thermodynamics, kinetics and process control of nitriding; Cobalt based alloy thick coatings produced by CDS process; Bone ingrowth into micropores by hydroxyapatite coated titanium plates. [1]

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(  1986  -  1986  ) Surfacing Journal International (  1985  -  9999  ) Surface Engineering
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High-temperature coatings for titanium alloys

L Gopal , T Sudarshan

Surface Engineering , 2024


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