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Journal International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Aim & Scope

The scope of the International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry comprises such subjects as original research on all aspects of analytical work related to environmental problems such as analysis of organic, inorganic and radioactive pollutants in air and water; determination of harmful substances, including their metabolic breakdown products; and analytical methods for metabolic breakdown patterns or other chemical degradation patterns in the environment and in biological samples. The journal also covers the development of new analytical methods or improvement of existing ones useful for the control and investigation of pollutants or trace amounts of naturally occurring active chemicals in the environment, or methods that help to gain more insight into our environment. Development, modification and automation of instruments and techniques with potential in environment sciences are also part of the journal. The fields of science covered with regard to analytical aspects include organic and inorganic analytical, applied physical, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemistry, biochemistry, radiochemistry, geochemistry, food chemistry etc. Owing to the interdisciplinary nature of this journal, it will also include certain topics in the fields of medical science (health sciences), toxicology, forensic sciences, oceanography, food sciences, biological sciences and other fields that in one way or another contribute to the knowledge of our environment and for this purpose have to make use of analytical chemistry. The current impact factor is 0.765. [1]

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