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Journal Evidence-Based Practice

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Evidence-Based Practice is a journal focused on providing answers to some of the most important and common questions derived from patient care experiences and the newest practice changing medical literature. Each issue includes collaborative content from practicing physicians, PharmDs, and behavioral health clinicians based on the best and/or most current evidence. Each meaningful, bite-sized article found in EBP aims at helping primary care clinicians and medical educators across the world become more effective in understanding, and applying evidence based medicine. Topics in EBP include: Diving for PURLs (Priority Updates in the Research Literature): Diving for PURLs (DfPs) is a publication series that highlights new research studies that could change the way primary care clinicians treat various conditions. DfPs has its own surveillance system that begins with physicians dedicated to scouring a vast array of important medical journals. Studies deemed as potential practice changers go through a rigorous team based critical appraisal process called a PURL Jam. The six specific criteria evaluated include: Relevance; Validity; Practice Change Potential; Applicability to medical care; Ability to be Implemented; Clinical meaningfulness. The DfP articles found in EBP summarize all of the studies critically appraised by the PURL Jam teams and highlight which of the six practice changing criteria were met. HelpDesk Answers: HDAs have quickly become one of the most popular publication series in family medicine because the questions in EBP come from physicians who treat patients in our communities every day. Our author teams answer these important questions by searching the medical literature to find the highest quality and most recent evidence available. The research is then synthesized into a concise answer graded using a Strength of Recommendation (SOR). A brief summary is included to explain the studies in an easy to understand format with user-friendly statistics. Readers love HDAs because they can immediately implement the recommendations in their practice while also improving their understanding and confidence applying EBM (evidence-based medicine). EBP Features: EBP is proud to periodically feature in-depth reviews on a number of special interest topics which include, but are not limited to behavioral health, maternity care, integrative medicine, musculoskeletal health, Clinical Inquiries, and PURLs. Many of our featured articles include case studies so readers can better understand how to apply the evidence presented to the patients they serve. In addition, expert recommendations are also incorporated. The features section of EBP is a clever way for clinicians to learn how to effectively use evidence-based medicine with their patients. [1]

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