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Journal Boletín de la Sociedad Argentina de Botánica

Aim & Scope

Boletín de la Sociedad Argentina de Botánica / Bulletin of the Argentine Botany Society has been published continuously since 1945. It is the official publication of said society dedicated to original scientific articles, reviews and reviews in all branches of plant biology and related groups. He was born at the same time as the society that edits it, as a logical result of the thriving development in our country of amabile consciousness or Plant Science. The Argentine Botany Society aims to: group professionals and fans of Botany, promote the progress of all branches of this science, edit botanical research work, tend to improve the teaching of Botany at all levels, Stimulate the protection of natural vegetation, organize and sponsor scientific meetings, carry out botanical excursions and contribute to greater precision in botanical terminology. At present, our magazine has published 48 volumes, which cover all disciplines of plant biology (systematic, genetic, evolution, morphology, anatomy, cytology, physiology, development, reproductive biology, palynology, ecology, paleobotany, phytogeography, ethnobotany, etc.) and related biological groups (philology, mycology, briology, lichenology). Over time, the publication has always been sustained but often irregular, which was never less than an annual number. Most of the contributions come from partners. However, it is not mandatory to be incorporated into society to publish in the journal, on the contrary, the contributions of non-associated professionals from both the country and Latin America and abroad are encouraged. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 59, ISSUE 1
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