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Journal Advances in Climate Change Research

Aim & Scope

Advances in Climate Change Research publishes scientific research and analysis on climate change and the interactions of climate change with society. The journal encompasses scientific basis, economic, social, and policy research, including mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The journal attempts to promote the research in climate change and to give great impetus to applications of research achievements in many aspects such as socioeconomic sustainable development, making response to the adaptation and mitigation of climate change, the diplomatic negotiations of climate and environment policies, the protection and exploitation of natural resources; and to make complex, policy-related analysis of climate change issues accessible to a wide policy audience. Articles may focus on a broad range of topics at the interface of climate change and society, including the policy, and the socioeconomic impacts of climate change. Due to the interdisciplinary subject matter, articles that involve natural scientists, social scientists, and policy managers are particularly encouraged. Examples of appropriate topical areas that will be considered include the following: Changes in climate system; Impacts of climate change; Adaptation to climate change; Greenhouse gas emissions; Policy fora. [1]

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