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Journal Journal of Map and Geography Libraries

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The Journal of Map & Geography Libraries is where you'll find the most up-to-date international research and information on the production, procurement, processing, and utilization of geographic and cartographic materials. In this peer-reviewed forum, professors, researchers, and practicing librarians with a passion for geography and cartographic materials share their findings and experiences with their colleagues around the world. With a subscription to the Journal of Map & Geography Libraries, you'll benefit again and again from recurring features that include: "Cataloging Pleasures and Aggravations" - a Q&A corner designed to help cartographic materials catalogers with their work; "The Compleat Map Collection" - effective, efficient ways to run collections, with an emphasis on collections where the map librarian has other duties outside the map library; "Digital Data and Software Updates and Reviews"; "Geocapes in Focus" - a wide-ranging, synthesizing editorial column illuminating the best and brightest in e-map and e-geography librarianship and information science. You'll also explore a wide variety of topics within the field, including: the status of education for cartographers and how it is evolving; the software that aspiring cartographers need to master to become competent manipulators and presenters of geospatial data; explanations of the various ways that hardcopy maps are reproduced and their impact on bibliographic description (printing, blueline, blueline print, photographic reproduction, etc.); the ways that hardcopy and online maps are used in research and in the classroom; geographers' preferences - online vs. hardcopy maps; working with data produced by governmental mapping agencies as well as non-governmental agencies; patterns and trends in the publication of cartographic materials; the history of map cataloging; cataloging maps using surrogates; preservation of cartographic materials. [1]

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Spatial Humanities: Perspectives from the Library

T Quill , J Sadvari

Journal of Map and Geography Libraries , 2024 , pp 1-3.


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Finding Our Way

J Sadvari (he/him) , T Quill (she/her)

Journal of Map and Geography Libraries , 2024 , pp 1-3.


0 2


Evaluation of Placename Geoparsers

J Kenyon , J W. Karl , B Godfrey

Journal of Map and Geography Libraries , 2024 , pp 1-13.


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Revisiting Parsons: A Wartime Map Classification System in the Digital Age

No authors listed.

Journal of Map and Geography Libraries , 2024 , pp 1-20.


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