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Journal Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management

Aim & Scope

Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management is an international journal committed to encouraging and publishing critical qualitative work from researchers and practitioners within the management and organizational field throughout the world. The journal seeks to provide a forum for qualitative researchers through which they can share their work with others and, in particular, discuss issues of research practice pertinent to qualitative approaches. We are looking for articles that don’t just arrive at useful findings based on qualitative methods but which: provide an “in-depth” study of the processes involved (e.g., what activities/ interrelationships can be identified in arriving at a particular conclusion?); discuss/reflect on issues of research practice (i.e., what we can learn from applying selected qualitative methods); are critical (i.e., broadly concerned with understanding the impact of managing and organizing on human experience and life chances); are focussed on subjective experience (i.e., provides in-depth understanding of what people feel about the processes involved); are context oriented (e.g., provides understanding of the context in which the study is conducted and the potential influence on the people under study); provides an in-depth account of key aspects of the (qualitative) research applied and the challenges involved (e.g., what methods were used, how/why were they used, and what lessons are to be learned from adopting a particular research strategy). [1]

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