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Journal International Journal of Children's Spirituality

Aim & Scope

What do we mean by 'spirituality' and what relevance does it have to schooling and society? This newly relaunched and exciting journal seeks to debate such questions through peer reviewed contributions from those in education concerned with these issues. International Journal of Children's Spirituality provides an international, inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural forum for those involved in research and development of children's and young people's spirituality, within which this debate can be addressed and widened. This includes examining the nature and possible expressions of spirituality, the philosophical and practical foundations for morality, and their relationship in our rapidly changing world. The need for and the nature of spiritual and moral development in schools and society is of great significance, but whose responsibility is this and how can progress be achieved? The editors believe a constructive and wide-ranging debate is necessary, involving educators, academics, religious communities, parents, local and national government and employers, and that this should take account of international perspectives and contributions from a broad range of subject disciplines. Most educational publications attract a readership that is clearly divided into academics and teachers, so that what is read by one group is seldom consulted by the other. It is also true that many teachers do not consider themselves to be researchers. When exploring the issue of children's spirituality this lack of communication can result in the failure of any initiative. International Journal of Children's Spirituality encourages debate across these two cultures, as well as across the cultures of childhood and adulthood, nationhood, ethnicity and religious identity. Articles aim to stimulate and further awareness and debate in the field, and to encourage the development of research and the academic study of spirituality in children and young people. [1]

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