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ISSN  :   2817-2744 ( Online )   Active
Aim & Scope

The Journal of Digital Innovation for Humanity addresses the interaction and relationship between emerging technologies and all aspects of the human self. It emphasizes the need for a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in all aspects of the absorption and assimilation of technology in human development and life. The journal is interdisciplinary, covering research about all dimensions of the human element as it relates to the systems and contexts in which humans develop, perform, operate, interact, and communicate. The journal is open to all, no matter what profession, discipline or degree one may have. We publish a large spectrum of different types of works including original articles including reviews and reappraisals of the literature, empirical studies, quantitative and qualitative contributions to the theories, applications of cases and accounts including but not limited to interactivity with systems between innovative technology and humanity. [1]

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