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Journal Frontiers in Epidemiology

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Epidemiology is a fast-developing field that covers a broad spectrum of research activities evaluating frequencies, cause-consequence relationships, and prediction pertaining to health states. As such, it serves as the cornerstone methodological domain at the intersection of clinical medicine and population/public health. In light of the ever-increasing size and dimensionality of available data (so-called “big data”), the development of new, increasingly automated analytical approaches, and the shift in paradigms due to the “causal revolution” across the last two decades, it is of utmost importance to correctly apply and actively develop suitable methods to address the pressing questions pertaining to medicine and population health that have a regional, national, or global relevance. Frontiers in Epidemiology is a new, peer-reviewed, open-access journal seeking to serve as a transparent, reliable platform for scientific exchange across the breadth of epidemiological research topics. We actively promote the development and thoughtful application of modern research methods and encourage responsible and reproducible reporting of scientific results to adequately address scientific questions seeking to improve health at the clinical and population levels. The journal explicitly encourages research contributions from all global regions describing health conditions, investigating underlying causes of health states and diseases, predicting health outcomes or risk conditions, assessing the impact of social inequalities or climate change on health, and those that evaluate or propose innovative solutions for data acquisition, storage, analysis, and interpretation. Clearly delineated research aims, rigor in choice and approach of study design and analysis, completeness of reporting, and critical contextualization are prioritized over novelty and hype. We are particularly interested in contributions and active involvement from early career researchers in all stages of the review and editorial processes. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 4
21 RESULTS in 21 msec

Everyday discrimination and satisfaction with nature experiences

LH Schinasi , JA Lawrence

Frontiers in Epidemiology , 2024 - VOLUME 4 , p 1212114.


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