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Journal Power Electronic Devices and Components

Aim & Scope

Power Electronic Devices and Components (PEDC) is an open-access journal specifically focusing on power-electronic devices and components, including materials, fabrication, design, characterization, and applications. On top of that, PEDC aims at being a timely and powerful tool to create a new synergy between the power-device- and the power-electronics community. The coverage of the journal includes the following topics: Active power components: design and fabrication process, physics and characterization, FEM- and compact modeling, packaging and related issues, failure mechanisms, and reliability, extreme conditions, emerging power devices; Passive power components: capacitors, inductors and transformers, printed circuit boards, fuses, and ancillary components; Related topics in the field of power components: gate drivers and disruptive applications, e.g. 10 kV and higher, energy harvesting, condition monitoring, and EMI in power electronics. [1]

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