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Journal JMIR AI

Aim & Scope

The scope of JMIR AI is defined broadly to include applications on structured data, unstructured data, images, wearables and RPM data, and genomic data. While medical AI papers appear in a variety of journals and conferences, JMIR AI aims to be the primary journal for applications of AI. The journal would enable the community to learn how techniques have been adapted, extended, and scaled to work in practice, as well as learn about the methods and methodological innovations to evaluate those technique in real world settings. There will be a strong emphasis on sharing the code and data that can enable others to replicate and build on that work. JMIR AI will complement other journals in the JMIR portfolio by concentrating the editorial expertise on AI and ensure a consistent and high standard is maintained for these publications. JMIR AI will have three additional important components: (a) a section on tutorials on specific AI techniques and their evaluations to set some standards for methodologies for evaluation (b) a platform to enable societally respectful data sharing to remove the friction in making data available for reuse (c) a section on application of AI in industry, for example, for drug discovery and clinical trials. The journal will also encourage legal, policy, ethical, and regulatory analyses of the applications of AI in clinical practice, and drug discovery and development. Theoretical innovations in AI are welcome provided they are contextualized in real world applications. [1]

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