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Journal Asia‐Pacific Economic History Review

Aim & Scope

Asia-Pacific Economic History Review is concerned with the historical treatment of economic, social and business issues related to Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. Papers examine these issues not only from the perspective of economic history but also from the related disciplines of history, economics, history of economic thought, industrial relations, demography, sociology, politics and business studies. New methodological approaches are particularly welcome. The editors also wish to promote the exchange of critical comments on important topics in these fields. In addition to its role as a leading journal of scholarly articles in the broad discipline of economic history, Asia-Pacific Economic History Review aims to provide a forum for frank and informal views on the teaching, research and institutional location of economic history. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1967  -  2022  ) Australian Economic History Review (  2023  -  9999  ) Asia‐Pacific Economic History Review