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Journal Enfermería Clínica (English Edition)

Aim & Scope

Enfermería Clínica is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that is a useful and necessary tool for nursing professionals from the different areas of nursing (healthcare, administration, education and research) as well as for healthcare professionals involved in caring for persons, families and the community. It is the only Spanish nursing journal that mainly publishes original research. The aim of the Journal is to promote increased knowledge through the publication of original research and other studies that may help nursing professionals improve their daily practice. This objective is pursued throughout the different sections that comprise the Journal: Original Articles and Short Original Articles, Special Articles, Patient Care and Letters to the Editor. There is also an Evidence-Based Nursing section that includes comments about original articles of special interest written by experts. Since 2007, Enfermería Clínica has been referenced in Medline/PubMed, which is a great achievement, not only for the Journal, but for nursing and patient care research. It is also included in other important databases: CINAHL, Índice Médico Español, Cuiden, ENFISPO, IBECS and Cuidatge. Our Journal is in the top quartile of Spanish nursing journals. The peer review process is done anonymously by reviewers with expertise in the area of knowledge of each manuscript as well as experts in methodology or statistics, as determined by the Editorial Committee, which works towards maintaining an efficient editorial process in order for the manuscripts to be published as soon as possible. [1]

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