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Journal Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Aim & Scope

Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology (CSSEP), jointly published by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and Human Kinetics, is an online, peer-reviewed journal composed of a searchable library of original case studies. The case studies focus on providing practitioners, students, and instructors with various approaches (strategies) and methods (tactics) to sport and exercise psychology consulting, and cover a variety of issues and topics that arise in the profession worldwide. This unique collection of case studies, devoted entirely to sport and exercise psychology, will contain cutting-edge cases reviewed by an editorial board of outstanding academics and consultants in the field. Cases are continually added online, and cover emerging and established areas of sport and exercise psychology. Each case is indexed and searchable by topic, author, and keyword, making it easy for users to find cases related to their needs and interests. CSSEP will provide contemporary examples of practice both from and for a global audience. The case studies will provide detail regarding the approaches adopted and experience gained. At the same time, writing a case study will offer developmental opportunity for authors through reflection on their own experiences and practice. [1]

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