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Journal HIV Research and Clinical Practice

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HIV Research and Clinical Practice is devoted to presenting information on the latest developments in HIV/AIDS clinical and translational research, as well as advances in care that directly affect clinical practice. This journal enables readers to obtain the most up-to-date, innovative research from around the world. In an era of increasingly well tolerated antiretroviral therapy (ART) much focus of research in the HIV field is examining the complex interplay of inflammation, ageing, and the development of chronic comorbidities in persons living with HIV infection (PLWH). HIV Research and Clinical Practice aims to provide an authoritative forum for this area, with a focus on impactful clinical and translational research, as well as advances in clinical care. This international, peer-reviewed journal also intends to publish research undertaken with strong implementation science principles, whether supporting testing and treatment for HIV, best practices in prevention, or acute or chronic aspects of HIV care. The overarching principle is to improve quality of care, and quality of life, for all PLWH. As access to successful HIV treatment and care improves globally, an increasing emphasis on quality of life and long-term outcomes can emerge. Aspects of holistic care based in HIV infection may improve, strengthen, and support healthcare systems and enable better provision of care for all. HIV infection has much to teach us about the contributions of a chronic pro-inflammatory infection to frailty, cancer, and renal, bone, neurocognitive, cardiovascular disease, amongst others. As biomarkers and targets for interventions are established in the context of HIV, so we hope there may be benefits for all those who age, with or without the added burden of HIV infection. As we understand more about healthcare systems and how heightened surveillance of PLWH may also lead to improved quality and length of life, so we hope this knowledge may also have benefits for all. HIV Research and Clinical Practice welcomes authors and researchers to submit their work on: Therapeutic clinical trials, diagnostic clinical trials, or preventative clinical trials; including reports of clinical and translational research, and meta-analysis; Observational studies relevant to HIV/AIDS research and clinical practice; Pilot studies on HIV clinical and translational research; Studies based in implementation science methodology; Methodological papers relating to HIV clinical care; Translational studies describing research becoming best clinical practice; Quality of life and pharmacoeconomic evaluations relating to HIV clinical care; Expert consensus statements relevant to advances in clinical care and research. [1]

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