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Ornithology Research publishes original contributions, research papers, short-communications and review papers related to the biology of birds, with emphasis on the documentation, analysis, and interpretation of field and laboratory studies, presentation of new methodologies, theories or reviews of ideas or previously known information. Ornithology Research has emphasis on the Neotropical region, but it is open to global studies on birds. The following areas of interest are covered by the journal: ornithological studies on behavior; behavioral ecology; biogeography; breeding biology; community ecology; conservation biology; distribution; evolution and genetics; landscape ecology; methods and statistics; migration; nomenclature; paleontology; parasites and diseases; phylogeography; physiology; population biology; systematics; taxonomy. [1]

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(  2005  -  2019  ) Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia (  2020  -  9999  ) Ornithology Research
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Traffic in the sky: ranking the hazard bird species to aircraft-collision in Brazil

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