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Journal China Geology

Aim & Scope

China Geology is co-sponsored by the China Geological Survey (CGS) and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS). The journal is published quarterly by China Geology Editorial Office. China Geology aims to be an innovative, high-impact and authoritative academic journal for researchers across the entire geological community. It will primarily publish new research results in cutting-edge and emerging topics, as well as covering traditional topics in geology. The journal seeks to promote research from all aspects of geology, including basic, applied and engineering research and applications, such as mineralogy, igneous and metamorphic petrology, geochemistry; sedimentology, paleontology, historical geology; petroleum geology, tectonic-orogenic geology (such as the central Asian orogenic belt, Tethys-Himalayan tectonic domain, etc.), marine geology, economic and applied geology (ore deposit research and exploration), remote sensing geology, etc. China Geology publishes Original and Review articles that are of high quality, high interest and far-reaching consequence in the field of geology, as well as Editorials, Research Advances, News and Highlights. The Reviews papers featuring invited high-profile synthesis articles by leading experts on timely topics to bring cutting-edge research to the wider community. Emphasis is placed on high quality content and form for all articles and on international coverage of subject matter. All papers are subject to international peer review. [1]

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