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Journal Computers in Human Behavior Reports

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Computers in Human Behavior Reports is an open access scholarly journal dedicated to examining human computer interactions and impact of computers on human behavior from diverse interdisciplinary angles. As a companion journal to Computers in Human Behavior (CHB), CHB Reports is a forum for both theoretical and practical implications of human-centered computing. It addresses the human aspects in relation to the systems and contexts in which humans perform, operate, communicate, and interact. CHB Reports welcomes research articles, review articles, negative results studies, scale validations and replication studies. Research areas considered by the journal include (but are not limited to): User experience and usability; Human computer interaction; Human-centered IT; The social, business and human aspects of the digital world; Cognitive, social, health, and ergonomic aspects of interactive computing; Quantitative and qualitative contributions to the theories and applications of HCI; The theoretical, empirical, and methodological issues of interaction and system design; Artificial intelligence in relation with human behavior; Mobile technologies. Computers in Human Behavior Reports welcomes authors and readers from a variety of disciplines, originating from both academia and industry. The journal encourages communication between researchers and practitioners. We welcome research at the intersections of various disciplines as human-centered computing can be benefited with theoretical insights and practical application from transdisciplinary approaches. [1]

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